Skagit Valley Malting's 1st Annual Garage Sale!

All are welcome! Home brewers, professional brewers, distillers, bakers and malt enthusiasts. We will be accepting credit cards and account billing. Available products listed below. See you soon!


Available Products

Base Malts - 50-25% off

  • Copeland Pilsner

  • Copeland Dark Ale 

  • Organic Copeland Undermodified Pilsner

  • Fritz (NZ) Pilsner

  • Organic Fritz (NZ) Pilsner

  • Organic Fritz (NZ) Pale

  • Hard Red Wheat (base malt)

  • Soft White Wheat (base malt)

Specialty Malts -50-25% off

  • Super Vienna

  • Caramel 70°

  • Triticale Caramel 40°

  • Organic Dark Munich (60° SRM)

  • Dextrin Malt

Pilot/ Test batches -50-25% off

  • Proximity Malt's Organic Black Malt

  • Proximity Malt's Organic Chocolate Pale Malt

  • Proximity Malt's Organic Roasted Barley Malt

  • Proximity Malt's Rye Roasted Crystal

  • Camas Organic Triticale Flakes

  • Camas Organic Purple Karma Baley Flakes

  • Camas Ancient Einkorn Flakes (rare)

  • RAW Organic Koto Buckwheat