2019 Harvest Wrap Up

Skagit Valley Malting has just completed its largest harvest to date! We pulled grain from six local farms in the Skagit Valley, grain from one farm in the Fraser Valley, BC and lastly grain from Goschie Farms in Silverton, Oregon. The total amount has come out to over 3,300 tons,  96% of which was grown within 25 miles of the malthouse.

Harvest is the most important time of the year for our malthouse because it proves each year that we are building a new value-added agricultural system in the Skagit Valley. As we grow we are able to purchase more grain from local farmers, diverting that grain from animal feed to craft beer and whiskey. Each harvest is a chance to improve our community and the long term viability of farming in the Skagit Valley!

More reading material on why farmers grow barley in the value and why it is vital to a high-value farming system. 

Varieties of barley and other grains 

From the Skagit Valley 

  • Francin Barley - Spring Two Row

  • Bow Barley - Spring Two Row 

  • Fritz Barley - Spring Two Row 

  • Talisman Barley - Winter Two Row 

  • Pilot Barley - Winter Two Row 

  • Cara Soft White Wheat - Spring Two Row

  • Red04 Hard Red Wheat - Spring Two Row 

  • ORe3542M Oats 

  • Purple Karma Hulless Barley - Spring Six Row

  • Copeland Organic - Spring Two Row 

Goschie Farms 

  • Full Pint Barley - Spring Two Row 

  • Wint Barley - Winter Two Row 

Fraser Valley 

  • Fraser Organic Barley - Spring Two Row 

  • Black Organic Oats