Most specialty malts are not made from Single Variety grain. Our maltsters have discovered that Skagit Copeland barley – with its signature clean, biscuity sweetness – is particularly well suited for high kilned malts, such as Vienna, Munichs, caramels and melanoidins. Skagit Copeland High Kilned Malts are unique, delicious and add depth and character to any beer recipe.


Skagit Copeland Barley

a traditional North American two row spring variety – but notably lower protein than traditional growing regions - lends itself to distinctive regional flavors, such as honey and graham biscuits. The Valley’s remarkably plump kernel size and proteins ranging 9.0-10.5%, make Skagit Copeland distinctive and more intense than typical Copeland grown in the North American Great Plains. 

Varietal: Spring two row malting barley

Varietal Origin: Crop Development Center, U of Saskatchewan, CA, by Dr. Brian Harvey 

Parentage: WM861-5 x TR118 

Growing region: Skagit Valley Washington


Vienna malt is well known for its versatility in both color addition and flavor. Our Single Variety Copeland Two Row Vienna showcases a clean toasted flavor, with a hint of caramel, combined with rich, golden color. It has enough enzymatic power to be used as a primary base malt or as a specialty malt, added for complexity of flavor.


Light Munich

Our Munichs are high kilned Single Variety two row Copeland malt. They bring little enzymatic power, but an intensified Copeland malty flavor, akin to a toasted graham cracker. Light Munich(10 Lov.) can be up to 100% of the base malt in any beer, primarily to add malty notes and subtle color


Dark Munich

Dark Munich, like the light version, is a high kilned Single Variety two row Copeland malt. The longer kiln process brings a darker color, and more intense flavors of browned cookies and a hint of rich caramel.


Caramel 5

Caramel - 5 is a high kilned malt with very low enzymatic power. Our Single Variety Copeland two row version has honey-like sweetness, with dried raisin and fruit leather flavors, coupled with hints of nuts. 


Caramel 15

Caramel -15 is our medium high kilned caramel. It brings a richer intensity of honey like sweetness with raisiny and fruit leather flavors and aromas. 


Caramel 30

Caramel -30 is our dark caramel in the series of low color range caramel malts. Notable for its dark honey-like sweetness with very intense raisin and fruit leather notes, this malt imparts dark reddish tones, and can make a strong impact on flavor and color.


Skagit dark 80

First in a series of Skagit Valley Malt signature malts, Skagit Dark Eighty, presents unique complexity in both flavor and color, with dark caramel, chocolate, coffee and molassess cookie notes.