Skagit Valley Malting is Washington's Food & Beverage Processor of the Year

On April 23, 2019 The Washington Business Journal named Skagit Valley Malting Washington States Food and Beverage Processor of the Year.

Being recognized by Seattle Business Magazine is not only an honor for Skagit Valley Malting but it really is an honor that belongs to the entire grain community that has worked together to build a thriving grain economy in the Skagit Valley
— Dave Green, CEO

This article appears in the May 2019 issue of Seattle Business Magizne

Skagit Valley Malting LLC, Burlington

Skagit County isn’t what many people think of when Washington grain country is mentioned, but it’s developing its own grain-to-table ecosystem, and Skagit Valley Malting is an important element in it. The 9-year-old company produces malt — grain that has been allowed to germinate and is then dried — used in brewing and distilling. It sells to makers of craft beer and spirits across North America, but it’s also creating a market for local farmers, paying them a premium for their crops — not only by converting them to malt but also by preserving grain variety identity through the supply chain the way vintners do with wine grapes. It’s looking at new markets such as grain products for bakeries, too. It’s not just malt that the company manufactures; it also designed and built its own equipment, adapted to accommodate local grains. The 17-employee business reports that since going commercial, sales have consistently doubled every year. It’s not just the company itself or its farmer suppliers who are benefiting. Since the launch of Skagit Valley Malting, a commercial flour mill and two breweries have located at the Port of Skagit.

Photos courtesy of Seattle Business Magazine.