2018 Harvest Pictures and Update

The 2018 harvest has come to a conclusion! The silos are full, the fields are bare and we are all excited to taste the results of months of hard work from our farmers.

These are some of our favorite pictures from harvest and of the beautiful Skagit Valley. Enjoy!

If you want to use any of these pictures for social media content please contact: conner@skagitvalleymalting.com

What are we working on next?

Now that harvest is over our attention will return to building Single Vessel Malting Machines. We are in the process of installing two more 9-ton machines in our malthouse that will be up and running before the end of the year. These machines take months to build and thousands of man-hours of custom work, that is all done by our own operations team. Once these machines are complete we will immediately begin building two more as we continue to supply brewers and distillers with the highest quality malt!