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Skagit Valley Malting is a private Washington company focused on the establishment of a custom malting industry in the Skagit Valley using Skagit grown grains.  This project includes building a malting facility at Bay View Business Park with the equipment required to malt.  There will also be a research and testing laboratory, malting equipment and a test brewing system run by the company in cooperation with Washington State University researchers to establish the best grain and malting combinations for unique varieties of Skagit grown barley and wheat.  The malting and specific grain variety results will be shared as part of the promotion of local grain and malted products.


This project is designed to attract new brewers and tasting rooms to the region in a fashion similar to how vintners and winemakers were drawn to Walla Walla.  It is also designed to add a custom malting dimension to the micro-brewing industry nationwide as well as to add value to important rotation crops for our farmers.


Skagit Valley Malting Company
Located in the Skagit Valley
11966 Westar Lane
 Burlington, WA 98233
Tel:  (360) 982-1262 or (360) 982-1396

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